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Grizzlies a huge component of Wight brothers’ grieving process


Admittedly, Jared Youngman didn’t even hear about the accident.

But once a fan from Colorado called the Utah Grizzlies vice president back on Nov. 10, Youngman and the team quickly took action.


Bob and Dawn Wight tragically lost their lives that day in an auto accident while traveling with their sons, Kyle and Karsen, to a hockey tournament in Durango, Colo.

Kyle and Karsen survived the wreck and were later invited to the Maverik Center on Nov. 23 to meet the team and partake in the ceremonial faceoff (pictured), as well as watch pregame warmups from the Utah bench.

“When those boys were in the locker room before the game talking to our guys, it really hit home and was very emotional,” said Youngman. “The younger boy (Karsen) told the team to go out and win and the older boy (Kyle) said he knew that even if we didn’t win that it was just a game and there will be more. That really brings you back and puts the game in perspective.”

Youngman said that while the Grizzlies are but one of many organizations that have connected with the Wight brothers to help with their grief during such a terrible time, it’s really all about coming together.

“We just want to do what we can to help these boys,” said Youngman. “I’ve told them that any time they want to come back, the tickets are on the organization. Like I said, I wasn’t even aware until I got a phone call at 6:50 before our game at 7 (on Nov. 11). I didn’t even know these kids, but I knew we had to help. Once the news got around, everyone started to pitch in and do what they can.

“The fact they came and enjoyed a hockey game with us, despite all they are going through, I hope was a good coping mechanism for Kyle and Karsen.”

Photo/Josie Vimahi

— Matt Mackinder

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