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EHL announces 2023 All-Star teams to play upcoming NCAA Division III matchups


The Eastern Hockey League (EHL) is pleased to announce the rosters for the 2023 EHL All-Star College Series, which is set to run next week from October 16th through the 21st.

This season marks the 6th time that the EHL will be facing-off against an NCAA opponent, as the #EShow is the only junior league in the United States that features this unique opportunity.

The schedule for next week features six total exhibition games against NCAA Division III opponents, split up two apiece, against three separate EHL All-Star Teams.

Below you’ll find the full rosters and game schedules for the Main All-Star Team, as well as the North/East All-Star Team and South/Central All-Star Team.


On Thursday, October 19th, the Main All-Star will meet up for practice on the campus of SUNY Brockport. Following Thursday’s practice, the top group of All-Stars will travel to take on SUNY Fredonia on Friday, October 20th at 7:00 pm and then return to SUNY Brockport to take on the Golden Eagles on Saturday, October 21st at 2:00 pm. Both games will be broadcast live on FloHockey.


  • Mike Caparco (Seahawks Hockey Club)
  • Alex Erlain (Pennsylvania Huntsmen)
  • Trent King (Vermont Lumberjacks)
  • A.J. Lackas (New England Wolves)
  • Akezahn Melis (Boston Jr. Rangers)
  • Edward Mirigliano (Philadelphia Hockey Club)
  • Thomas Perivolotis (Providence Hockey Club)
  • Casey Raffone (East Coast Wizards)
  • Corbin Schiebel (New Jersey Bears)
  • Gavin Simopoulos (Express Hockey Club)
  • Cooper Smith (Connecticut RoughRiders)
  • Dawson Speth (H.C. Rhode Island)
  • Cody Walker (Express Hockey Club)
  • Jack Wineman (Railers Jr. Hockey Club)
  • Nolan Zotter (Team Maryland)


  • Jack Costabile (Philadelphia Little Flyers)
  • Seamus Cummings (Seacoast Spartans)
  • Andrew Haugh (Boston Jr. Rangers)
  • Michail Kukareka (New Jersey 87’s)
  • Robert Martiniello (New Hampshire Avalanche)
  • Corbin Melie (Railers Jr. Hockey Club)
  • Lucas Salas (New York Apple Core)
  • Andrew VanAntwerp (Boston Jr. Terriers)


  • Ryan Crowshaw (Connecticut Chiefs)
  • Carson Frye (New Jersey Bears)
  • Ben Skelton (Seacoast Spartans)

Coaching Staff

  • Rich DeCaprio (Boston Jr. Rangers) — Head Coach
  • Sean Bertoni (Railers Jr. Hockey Club) — Assistant Coach
  • Greg Heffernan (Connecticut Chiefs) — Assistant Coach


For both regional All-Star Teams, North/East and South/Central, the week will begin with practice on Monday, October 16th.

As for the games for the North/East Team, they will take on Rivier University and Southern New Hampshire University on Tuesday, October 17th and Wednesday, October 18th.

  • Tuesday, October 17th — North/East All-Stars at Rivier University — 2:00 pm (Conway Arena) — Game will be broadcasted on Rivier Athletics website.
  • Wednesday, October 18th — North/East All-Stars at Southern New Hampshire University — 5:00 pm (Ice Den Arena) — Game will be broadcasted on FloHockey.


  • Rory Andriole (New Hampshire Avalanche)
  • Bret Beale (Boston Jr. Rangers)
  • Melvin Blomberg (Bridgewater Bandits)
  • Hayden Bullock (Vermont Lumberjacks)
  • Mike Collett (Seahawks Hockey Club)
  • Gavin Dach (Boston Jr. Terriers)
  • Cole Fagan (Valley Jr. Warriors)
  • Wyatt Fischer (Bridgewater Bandits)
  • Jonathan Groth (Seacoast Spartans)
  • Brendan Manning (Vermont Lumberjacks)
  • Kodai Mizuno (New Hampshire Avalanche)
  • Alex Moeller (Seahawks Hockey Club)
  • Will Rice (East Coast Wizards)
  • Drake Tomak (Boston Jr. Terriers)
  • Denis Valenta (Boston Jr. Rangers)


  • Bo Buster Bjorn (Express Hockey Club)
  • Aidan Cosgrove (Express Hockey Club)
  • Jackson Haskins (New England Wolves)
  • Ryan Koshiol (East Coast Wizards)
  • Gage Lonergan (Bridgewater Bandits)
  • Cole Mitchell (Boston Jr. Terriers)
  • Ronan Robinson (Valley Jr. Warriors)
  • Nick Theodos (New England Wolves)


  • Sam Boos (New Hampshire Avalanche)
  • Greyson Pane (Valley Jr. Warriors)
  • Cameron Reardon (New England Wolves)

​​​​​​​Coaching Staff

  • Chris Cerrella (New Hampshire Avalanche) — Head Coach
  • Nic Cota (Express Hockey Club) — Assistant Coach
  • Brett Tryder (Seacoast Spartans) — Assistant Coach


Following their practice on Monday, October 16th, the South/Central All-Star Team will take on Stevenson University on Tuesday, October 17th and Lebanon Valley College on Wednesday, October 18th.

  • Tuesday, October 17th — South/Central All-Stars at Stevenson University — 7:00 pm (Reisterstown Sportsplex) — Game will be broadcasted on Stevenson Athletics website.
  • Wednesday, October 18th — South/Central All-Stars at Lebanon Valley College — 5:00 pm (HersheyPark Stadium) — Game will be broadcasted on FloHockey.


  • Elijah Clow (Philadelphia Hockey Club)
  • Cameron Cyr (H.C. Rhode Island)
  • Blake Dustin (New Jersey 87’s)
  • Matthew Fortin (New Jersey Bears)
  • Matthew Frett (Providence Hockey Club)
  • Vadim Frolov (Team Maryland)
  • Perry Gaudreau (H.C. Rhode Island)
  • Luke Holyfield (Connecticut Chiefs)
  • Jules Jardine (Team Maryland)
  • Kolin Leduc (Providence Hockey Club)
  • John Manzi (Pennsylvania Huntsmen)
  • Connor McAleer (Railers Jr. Hockey Club)
  • Nick Sweet (New York Apple Core)
  • James Vermeesch (New Jersey Bears)
  • Christo Walker (Philadelphia Little Flyers)


  • Tristan Boyer (Railers Jr. Hockey Club)
  • Brady Burke (Philadelphia Little Flyers)
  • Cole Douglas (New Jersey 87’s)
  • Hunter Hoffman (Pennsylvania Huntsmen)
  • Eric Hudec (Connecticut Chiefs)
  • Davis Kinne (New York Apple Core)
  • Albert Lian (Connecticut RoughRiders)
  • Colby Speth (H.C. Rhode Island)


  • Cole Fennema (Pennsylvania Huntsmen)
  • Vincent Lamberti (Connecticut RoughRiders)
  • Cross Sherman (Philadelphia Hockey Club)

Coaching Staff

  • Marc Catron (Philadelphia Little Flyers) — Head Coach
  • Adam Houli (New Jersey 87’s) — Assistant Coach
  • James Mello (H.C. Rhode Island) — Assistant Coach
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