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NCAA Division I coaches ‘impressed’ with USPHL Hub City Tampa initiative


Just over a week ago, the United States Premier Hockey League announced its revolutionary Hub City Tampa plans.

All NCDC teams, plus select USPHL Premier and USPHL Elite teams, will play games in the Tampa area while living all in one location, Saddlebrook Resort in Wesley Chapel, Fla.

Health and safety is the top priority as players will be restricted to traveling only between the resort and the ice rinks they are playing at, greatly reducing the risk of COVID-19 transmission, while also following federal, state and local guidelines as well as the USPHL’s health protocols.

The initiative is exciting to coaches in the NCAA Division I ranks, who have pledged they will be watching closely to see the next wave of NCAA D-I talent playing in the NCDC. Hear directly from three Division I coaches, including the all-time leader in Division I wins, Boston College’s Jerry York.

Jerry York, Boston College: “The NCDC has made a marked improvement over the last couple of years. They have attracted a strong group of talented players and the coaches do an excellent job with player development. My staff and I will continue to follow the teams when they play in Tampa and throughout the remainder of the season.”

Scott Borek, Merrimack College: “I am impressed and excited for the NCDC and the USPHL as they work towards the ‘Hub City’ in Tampa. I certainly can appreciate the effort and creativity of the league’s coaches and leadership as they try to bring hockey to the kids on their teams.”

Brett Riley, Long Island University: “I have been very impressed by the pace of the NCDC games this season. The coaches have done a fantastic job strengthening rosters and recruiting top prospects to play during these unprecedented times. The talent of the league is even deeper and the games have been fast and competitive. Our staff looks forward to closely following the games down in Tampa.”

Learn all about the USPHL Hub City Tampa at

(Dec. 12, 2020)

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