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Taking Liberties With… Dominic Turgeon


Forward, Portland Winterhawks (WHL)
Hometown: Denver
Last Youth Team: Colorado Thunderbirds AAA

Colorado Rubber: What is the best piece of advice you have for youth hockey players and parents?
Dominic Turgeon: I would say the best advice is to enjoy playing the game. You should be grateful for what everyone is doing for you and to always try your best.

CR: What are your favorite sport(s) to play outside of hockey, and why?
DT: My favorites sport besides hockey I would say is golf. I’ve always loved golf, but I’m not the greatest.

CR: What is your game-day routine, and go-to pre-game meal?
DT: I usually go in for a skate or stretch in the morning, then head back home, watch a little TV or play some NHL, and then I eat my meal, which is usually some type of pasta with chicken. Then I take my nap and head to the rink. I always fix my sticks first and then have a stretch I do on my own before playing a little soccer and then our team stretch.

CR: What is your favorite/best hockey memory growing up?
DT: My favorite hockey memory for me growing up would be playing for Team USA at the Ivan Hlinka Tournament in 2013 and going over to Czech Republic and Slovakia. It was a huge honor to be a part of that.

CR: What is your favorite restaurant in Colorado, and what are you ordering off the menu?
DT: One of my favorite places to eat in Colorado for me would be the White Chocolate Grill (in Lone Tree). I really love the salmon there.

CR: What hockey player did you most idolize growing up, and why?
DT: Growing up, I really idolized my dad (Pierre Turgeon). He was always the guy I looked up to and still is to this day. He’s taught me so much in my life and has given me so much to be successful.

CR: If you weren’t playing professional hockey, what would be doing for a living?
DT: I honestly have no idea. I would definitely want to stay around the game for sure. Hockey has always been my life.

CR: What is the hardest/most challenging aspect of getting to the NHL?
DT: I mean, there are a lot of things that are challenging about making the NHL (Turgeon is a signed prospect of the Detroit Red Wings). The first thing I would say is work ethic. Without that, you won’t go anywhere. No matter how good you are, there will always people out there working harder than or just as hard as you.

CR: What would we be most surprised to find in your hockey bag?
DT: I actually don’t put anything in my bag besides what I need on the ice, so really nothing.

CR: What is the best hockey prank you’ve witnessed/been a part of?
DT: There are so many pranks that go on in locker rooms, but nothing major I would say. Just little things like cutting laces on skates or putting tape on the blades of the skate. I’ve never really been a part of a huge prank.

CR: What is your favorite vacation destination, and why?
DT: My favorite place for vacation I would say is Mexico. That’s where I usually go with my family and we go to resorts. It’s just a good place to relax and enjoy the beach.

CR: Any superstitions?
DT: I don’t have any huge superstitions, just little things like how I put my gear on and what I do before each of my games – just like my pre-game ritual.

— Compiled by Matt Mackinder

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