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Denver’s Mahoney adds to Team Colorado AAA commitments, decides to head to Grand Canyon University


Lauren Mahoney has only been playing hockey less than 10 years, but the Denver native and Team Colorado AAA standout has improved her game to the point where it is college-ready.

Next season, Mahoney will head to Arizona to skate for ACHA Division I Grand Canyon University.

“(Team Colorado AAA 19U coach) Hannah Westbrook helped me reach out to Natalie Rossi, the head coach of the GCU women’s hockey team and after chatting with her, I was offered a spot to play for the team,” Mahoney said. “Coach Rossi is also the state girls hockey representative for the Arizona Amateur Hockey Association. This is one of the many reasons I am very excited to be coached by her and play for her team.

“I was attracted to the school’s hockey program because of the competitive level of play and the opportunity to develop my skills as a player. In terms of academics, GCU has a strong reputation for excellence and offers a wide range of programs that align with my interests and career goals. I also appreciate the emphasis on faith and values, which align with my personal beliefs. Academics have definitely been a priority for me throughout high school. I believe that doing well in school is just as important as playing well on the ice.”

Away from the rink at GCU, Mahoney plans on majoring in Biology with an emphasis in Pre-Physician Assistant.

Back home, Mahoney noted how her love for the game was instant.

“I was first introduced to hockey from my older brother Jon, and I started playing when I was around 10,” said Mahoney. “The Avs definitely influenced my hockey career as I further started playing, I had the opportunity to teach kids how to play hockey and skate through Avs programs as well as able to participate in Girls Hockey Night at Avs games. All of those experiences really helped me grow as a person and love hockey and the community even more.”

Growing up, Mahoney started playing hockey for the Colorado Select from 2015-20, the Colorado 14ers from 2021-23 and Team Colorado AAA’s tournament team this season. She also played for the Black Widows from 2020-23.

“A coach that has really helped me grow as a player on and off the ice is Hannah Westbrook,” said Mahoney. “She has coached and supported me through all of the teams I have played on over the past eight years and I am very thankful for such an admirable coach.”

Going forward, Mahoney has both short-term and long-term goals in both hockey and off the ice.

“In the short term, I would like to focus on school, staying motivated, and developing as a player and teammate,” said Mahoney. “In the long term, I wish to earn my degree at GCU and move on to PA school. For hockey, I wish to make a positive impact on GCU’s team make memories with my teammates and have fun.”

Photo/Be Feral Media

— Matt Mackinder

(April 27, 2023)

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